[ History ]

Thank You For Visiting My Portfolio Site. I'm Originally From Anoka Minnesota, Where I Loved To Snowboard In The Winters And Play Paintball In My Summers. I Was First Introduced To Graphic Design And Photography In My High School Elective Design Class. I Really Enjoyed That Class More Than Any Other Elective I Had Taken But I Never Gave It Much Thought To Pursue It As A Career Till Later In Life. After High School I Immediately Joined The U.S Air Force. I Hated The Idea Of Not Going Anywhere In Life And Becoming Complacent In Minnesota. The Air Force Was An Amazing Opportunity That Opened Many Doors For Me. I Was Issued The Job Of Crew Chief And Was Assigned To The Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy. If You Are Unfamiliar With What A Crew Chief Does Its Basically An Aircraft Maintenance Technician With Some Added Responsibility's.

This Opportunity Was Cut Short When I Came Into Some Health Issues Which Lead To A Medical Retirement From The Air Force. I Moved To North Carolina To Live Family Until I Started School The Following Fall At The University Of North Carolina Wilmington, Where I Started As An Engineering Student But Found That I Enjoyed Myself The Most In My Art Classes. I Switched My Major To Digital Arts. Since Then I Have Committed Myself To Finishing Out The Degree And Projected To Graduate In The Fall Of 2020. This Website Is A Glimpse Of Some Of The Work I Have Accomplished Over The Past Few Years Attending UNCW. I Am Excited To Move On To The Next Chapter In My Life After School And Find Work Within The Digital Arts Field.

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