Working with Envision Green Hemp to launched their initial website. I was commissioned to Design, Develop, and provide Product Photography for the website This was an awesome experience to work with a CBD brand. They have been able to increase their sales and get more exposure for their products using the Product photography. Go to to see what services I am currently offering.

This was my first project after starting my LLC Nugent Multimedia. My client Envision Green Hemp needed product shots for their storefront. I created for them a tincture bottle and a salve container for the current CBD products they offer. During my research I found a tutorial from Derek Elliot showing a way to create and stage tincture bottles using Blender. You can find the video here, if you are interested in creating a similar model of your own. I also learned how to UV map Envision Green Hemps product label onto the bottle and container in order to create the 3d mockups of the products.

A sticker I created for my car. I cut it out with the Cricut maker

A few patterns I created in Illustrator

This project was developed in my junior year of college. At this time we all were in a huge transition. The Quarantine Lifestyle. Classes had to be hosted online which forced you to adapt working in a remote environment. This really pushed me to consider working as a freelancer once I graduate. The content was developed in After Effects and Illustrator. The project was to make an infographic video about Covid 19.

A graphic design project for school. The project was to design a logo for the Wilmington Rail Trail located in Wilmington North Carolina.

Fake News Fishing
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