Our latest Shoot together. We were shoot at the South End of Wrightsville beach and a super nice Lady asked us if we wanted to shoot on her property and on her private dock. She had this really nice Palm tree at the entrance of her Dock. Had to grab some photo with it.

I wanted to try something new with my edit by adding additional effects to the image.

My client Envision Green Hemp reached out for product photography. Below are some of my favorite shots.

I wanted to update my website and needed to add some photos of my workspace. I've been working on creating a perfect workspace to handle my workload. The images showcase different aspects of my at home office and custom pc I built from the ground up. Also made some of the furniture in the photos.

Latest shoot with Tayler. We decided to use watermelons as props. I wanted to try out some new editing methods. Added extra contrast to the photos to give it pop.

Had a great opportunity to work with Ariel. We decide to do a shoot downtown Wilmington. Love the work we produced together.

Shooting with Tayler at the beach. We made a day shoot out of it. Mine as well if you live close to the beach and want to make the most out of a beautiful day.

Hanging out at the pool with my friend Katelyn and decided to snap a few photos. I tried a new style of editing mostly using dodge and burn mixed with a variety of gradients.

Double exposure


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