In prior Digital Arts classes, I had experience working in the software from Autodesk known as Maya. Maya is an industry leader for 3D modelling and animation. Although I was familiar with the program, I wanted to challenge myself and use the free and open source software Blender. The main reason for choosing Blender over Maya was the price. Knowing that I will be graduating soon and my free student membership will come to an end, I wanted to get a head start learning a free 3D software option like Blender. In the beginning, learning new software was a daunting task. With the help of YouTube videos and the website CG Boost, I was able to relearn the fundamentals in a short amount of time. I looked up images that showed the Parker Ionics powder coating gun as a side profile view, which I used as a background template to construct the model. I also found images of individual parts within the gun so I could demonstrate a breakdown of the components. I modeled the gun housing, gun cap, and injector, then spent the remainder of the project refining the gun to make it as accurate to the actual product as I could while using low quality images to build from. While creating the gun, I ran into some challenges. The main challenge I faced was modeling the curvature of the gun. When making the curves it would create ngons and triangles in the mesh. A triangle is 3 sides or edges connected by 3 vertices. A ngon is a face or polygon that is made up of five or more sides or edges connected by five or more vertices. The extra vertices and edges in the mesh cause defects in the model that would not occur if the model were made up of quads. To fix the problem, I had to use modifiers to reconstruct the mesh, making the surface smooth when rendered with shaders and textures applied. After the model and its renders were completed, I was able to add them to my PowerPoint presentation.

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