Inspired by artist's like Ash Thorp, Khyzyl Saleem, Brad Builds, I created my own model on the Corvette Model I created in my previous post. This project was my favorite project to date. I learned so much about Blender as well as textures, UV mapping, Various Modifiers, and using a guide mesh in order to create perfect reflections in the paint. I used Rotiform WGR-M wheels for the wheels on the car. Looking forward to working more with Blender.

This is my latest 3D model created in Blender. I have always been interested in Cars and wanted to learn how to model my own. I came across CG and their Corvette tutorial series. It took me about a month to learn how to model the car, stage it, and texture the model. Its requires an intermediate skill level to model. If you think you are up for the challenge I highly recommend it. This is the model I produced from the 30+ hours of tutorials in the course.

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